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 For black buckwheat tea, with buckwheat tea has certain distinction, and black buckwheat tea is relatively better regulate body function to a certain extent, this is beneficial to their physical and mental health.Because black buckwheat tea at an altitude of 2200 meters above the alpine region in liangshan natural pollution-free, black Tartary buckwheat as raw materials, using traditional methods and modern technology of combining the special craft, seiko produced a new generation of health tea drinks.This product is rich in biological flavonoids, rutin, chlorophyll, protein and a variety of trace elements.Black buckwheat tea contains rutin can soften blood vessels, have fall hematic fat, fall blood sugar, blood pressure, disease and reducing weight, clean up the human body trash, activate the insulin secretion.Rich in protein, mineral element and the human body must be 9 kinds of fatty acid, linoleic acid and other bioactive substances, can spleen appetizer, purge runchang, beauty to raise colour, refreshing refreshing, insomnia, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, balance human body's enginery and is constipation patients and control the bane of modern "rich".Drink is good for health, is a kind of natural health drink.